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Folding fin US Finbox "For STARBOARD"

Folding fin US Finbox "For STARBOARD"

SKU: 1001-30-015
VAT Included |

!! ATTENTION deep version, note the picture with dimensions !!!

From the year of construction 2021, the pure US version also partially fits

Out of passion for SUP sport

The all-round fin from INNTAL-FINs:

We are proud to be the first manufacturer to present a retrofittable folding fin for STAND UP PADDLE BOARDS .

Developed and produced in Germany.

The all-round fin from INNTAL-FINs combines all the advantages of a conventional touring fin with the advantages of extremely short fins.

Due to the long draft and the angular position of the fin sword, the fin convinces with its straight-line stability.

If the Finnsword hits an obstacle, it simply folds backwards.

Thanks to the specially developed shape and robustness of the base body, the fin simply glides over obstacles.

The shape of the fin sword makes the board extremely manoeuvrable. As the name suggests, the all-round fin is suitable for all SUPs. No matter if you are a beginner, touring, racing or whitewater. Can be retrofitted for all SUP BOARDS with SLIDE IN SYSTEM or US FIN BOX.

But the all-round fin is not only beneficial on the water.

So on land you can simply put the SUP BOARD with the built-in Allrond fin on the ground.

This creates a place to sit and lie on the SUP board without having to remove the fin.

Space-saving for public sunbathing areas. The SUP BOARDS can also be easily stacked with the built-in all-round fin.

Color: BLACK with a slight marbling due to glass fiber content

Material: gas fiber reinforced plastic

!! You can find the right key for assembly here !!

The fin sword can be changed if necessary.

If you are interested in the all-round fin for your SUP station, we will be happy to send you a free offer.

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